Come get Functionally fit with Aero Fit. 

Aero Fit is a 60 minute metabolic conditioning class focusing on functional movements with accessory work. Classes will include a variety of equipment to get you moving the way you move in life. From kettlebells, dumbbells, med balls, sleds, battle ropes to cardio machines in conjunction with body weight movements that will keep your body guessing and keep you motivated without getting bored or injured. Our coaches offer a wealth of knowledge and a high energy atmosphere, setting the stage for you to crush your goals. Whether it is to lose weight, gain lean muscle mass or become a more well-rounded athlete, this class is for everyone. Come check us out Mondays and Thursdays at 6:30 pm, and Wednesday a 7 am. For a guaranteed full body sweat session that will have you living Aero Fit!!

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