Josh Willis

Josh Man in the Arena pic CF AERO.jpg

Monday night. The best night to be awesome.

— J.W.


“CrossFit has change my life for the better.”

Not only physically, but in quality of life as well. Joining AERO is one of the best decisions I've made. I love the competition and the unbelievable support system for all levels of athletes."

— Unicorn


“I love CrossFit AERO!”

The competition-style programming hits all the important components necessary to optimize my performance not only in the box, but in competitions. 

— Ariel L.


“I am certain of two things.”

Having been a member for the past 6 years: (1) AERO is the family that everyone wants to have. (2) Every penny I invest in AERO gets invested back in me 100-fold. Without AERO, I would not be able to eat as much pizza as I do.

— J.T.

“Thank you for being my second home.”

I love AERO because of the great hospitality and warm welcoming I received when I walked in for my first workout. They have excellent programming with knowledgeable and amazing coaches who are there to assist and demonstrate

— Sakeena


“Supportive and encouraing”

I love that AERO is a family. A personal best for one person seems like a personal best for ALL of us!


— Suzanne D.