I was born in Meadville, Pennsylvania, but grew up in La Porte, Texas. A suburb of Houston.  I get to do this amazing life with my husband Carlos and our awesome children, Carlie and AJ.  We are a military family and move a lot, but embrace the adventure it brings!! 

I haven’t always been in fitness, I started my career as a medical assistant. I worked in the medical field for about 15 years. After becoming a mom and realizing how out of shape I was, I decided to start running (fast walking, not even a jog lol). Running led me to strength training, which opened me up to functional fitness and Spartan Racing.

After discovering my true passion, I decided to become a personal trainer and Spartan Coach, so I could help others like me get healthy.

I have been coaching since 2014. I have coached group fitness classes, boot camps, TRX, and Spartan prep. I am a personal trainer and also offer personalized programming. I am new to CrossFit, but love the intensity, competition, and comradery it brings.

As a coach my goal is to always be a voice of positive motivation. I want to be a voice of truth. Helping athletes see themselves accomplish their goals, both inside and outside the box. I want to instill a positive mindset in very athlete that walks through the door, so when they walk out, they can carry that into the rest of their daily lives. Helping them become the best humans they can be in this one crazy life we get to live. 

I enjoy running marathons/Spartan races, weightlifting, and functional fitness. I am a Christian and I love spreading the love of Jesus. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13) is my favorite scripture to get me through every mountain. Big or small.

Fun fact: I was not athletic until my late twenties, and at almost forty, I am in the best mental and physical shape of my life. 

Contact me at info@crossfitaero.com for more information on AeroFit and CrossFit Kids.

Contact me for a free one on one consultation, one on one or small group personal training questions.