Coach of the 5:30 am class – CPR certified in May

Born and raised in Florida, I graduated from Land O Lakes High School in ‘99, where I played football, mostly defense. I have a beautiful wife, Jana, and two awesome kids, Dalton and Addison. I have always had a love for sports in general and am very competitive by nature. I love anything to do with the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. While I have only been doing CrossFit for about 3 years, the first day I walked in the door I fell in love with it and the whole community of Aero. I have always worked out, but never on the level of CrossFit training, and it has impacted my life significantly for the better. I am new to coaching CrossFit, though I have been a youth football coach in Wesley Chapel for 5 years and plan to continue. My favorite thing about coaching is the people. Watching others achieve goals and complete workouts or movements they considered impossible is what drives me. I have been nicknamed “The Unicorn” by some of my fellow athletes and this translates into my coaching as I know nothing is impossible with practice and persistence. My goal every day is help others and lead by example with my positive attitude so that the athletes in my classes can have fun, learn, and move closer to their goals. I want the hour they spend in my class to be the best part of their day!

Fun fact: I might be the greatest white boy dancer of all time! Another fun fact: My wife started at Aero 3 years before me and for those 3 years I always said I’d never go. I walked in one day and never looked back…Guess I drank the Kool Aid!