I am home grown right here in Pasco County.  I love the mentality around here.  I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to play a lot of sports growing up.  I like to say I was never great at any of them but I had fun playing all of them. I had a brief stint playing College Football in Jefferson City Tennessee as a Wide Receiver until an injury or maybe the winter forced me back home to the sunshine state where I graduated from the University of South Florida.  I spend as much of my time as possible with my son Colson.  The kid is a trip and keeps me on my toes more than anyone.  

I have been doing Crossfit or Crossfit has been doing me since the Fall of 2013.

My philosophy in coaching is to Teach, Train, Inspire, Challenge and Praise.  There are not many things that give me more gratification then to see or be a part of someone accomplishing something they didn't think possible.  But that doesn't happen every day.  My favorite thing about coaching is seeing the small wins or improvements that the athlete themselves don't always see.

I have 3 goals that are non-negotiables for me:

  1. Give my best effort regardless of what is going on in my life. Nothing matters more than that 1 hour of time with the members or guests that showed up.

  2. Find a way to keep it fun. We are all different and have different goals in why we exercise, but in the end I truly believe the reason people love or do CrossFit is because at one point they had fun doing it.

  3. Help at least one person improve on a physical skill or something less tangible like the mindset, the strategy, handling pressure etc...

Little did you know, I sold Ladies Shoes for 6 Years.  Awesome job! There isn't a joke I haven't heard.  Just an Awesome Job!