I'm originally from Pennsylvania but have called Florida my home for the past 10 years.  Growing up I was very active in sports and fell in love with gymnastics.  I competed in this sport for several years until I got too tall to swing on the bars.  In high school I competed in track and field.  I ran the 4x1 relay, hurdles, and high jump.  I have two beautiful children, Grayson and Lilianna, they keep me very busy and we're always on the go but I wouldn't have it any other way.   

I have been doing Crossfit for four years. I am very new to coaching but so far my favorite thing has been helping newer athletes with their form and helping them scale the workouts to fit their abilities. My goal is to make sure everyone has a fun, safe workout, and that they leave feeling like they worked hard, and are proud of their performance.

FUN FACT: I worked in a correctional facility as a correctional officer for 7 years.  Never a dull moment.