I coach 900a every Wednesday and Thursday. I grew up in Winter Haven, Florida and graduated from Florida State University in 1998. Upon graduation, I lived in NYC for four years working in fashion and in Atlanta for 15 years. I am married to a pretty amazing guy and we have three kids ages 13, 11 and 6. This crew makes my heart full and my life busy. I studied ballet growing up so as an adult I have loved continuing to find athletic challenges. Prior to discovering CrossFit, I spent several years training and racing in short and long triathlons. I actually used CrossFit Endurance to train for a marathon so it was fun seeing how the two worlds worked well together.

I have been training CrossFit since 2012. As a coach, I love watching people surprise themselves or pull through something tough mentally and physically. I often see athletes doubting themselves and to watch them find victories in their time at Aero, is very fulfilling.

My commitment is to always be my best while I am coaching. It is your class and you deserve a coach that is engaged and helping you get better every day. I like for the athletes to know why we are doing what we are doing and I like providing goals to the class/individual athletes and then watching them exceed those goals.

I have always loved fashion and helping people shop. I started YOU.Refined Styling last year and have had a lot of fun styling and personal shopping for my clients.