I’m a Buffalo raised girl with a big smile and huge passion for helping people. When I’m not at the gym, you can find me at my station with Hillsborough County Fire Rescue or playing with my goldendoodle puppy, Bailey! I studied at Florida State University for my undergraduate and love rooting for my Noles on game day!

I found CrossFit back in July of 2012 (coming up on 6 years now) and there are still days I feel like a noobie!

My favorite thing about coaching is seeing “the click”. There’s a moment, when coaching a challenging movement, that an athlete finally pieces together the puzzle and their hours, days, weeks, or months of hard work finally come together. For just that moment in time, pure happiness takes over and they’ve never been prouder of themselves. That’s definitely my favorite aspect of coaching; sharing that moment with my athletes.

My goal each day is just to have fun and encourage everyone around me! My favorite aspect of CrossFit is definitely the community so when I’m in the gym, I want to get my hands chalked and have some fun with my CrossFit family!

PS - I can eat more than most grown men I know! #hungrygirlproblems