I coach the 430 class, and Saturday morning classes. I am 28 years old and have a wonderful husband and two gorgeous girls, ages 3 and 9 weeks. I have lived in the Tampa area for four years; I am originally from Southwest Missouri.

I did cross country, track and martial arts in my younger years. I'm currently in Paramedic school, and will transition to nursing after it’s completion. I’ve been doing Crossfit for 5 years - its my fun pass time, and my happy place. When I’m not at the box I’m usually hanging out with my two little beauties and rockstar of a husband. We enjoy fishing, going to the beach, and going out on our boat.

My favorite things about coaching are the people I have the pleasure of hanging out with each day. I love helping people realize the potential of what their minds and bodies are capable of when it comes to fitness. It’s like seeing a little kid open up a present on Christmas morning, when you see a member at the box do their very first kipping pull-up, T2B, or seeing them PR on a lift,I love being a part of that.

My goal is to make my members better each day by allowing them to push further and do more than they did the day before; allow them to see how amazing their bodies really are, and what can be accomplished.

I am a 1st degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.I used to teach Krav Maga classes when I was younger. We had a street weapons class I taught where the students would bring in an unconventional weapon, and we would go through potential fight scenarios using these weapons. Some pretty fun memories.