I am originally from Warner Robins, GA. My family moved a lot while I was young. Ultimately we settled in Pasco County. I have played a few sports growing up but I was most successful at wrestling. I had a few opportunities with wrestling outside of high school but I decided to join the Marine Corps instead. I spent four years in the military where I deployed twice to Afghanistan as a machine gunner for combat logistic patrols.  

I have done Crossfit for about 5 years now. When it comes to coaching I get the most gratification out of athlete’s “wow” moments. When athletes realize what they’re missing in a lift or when they correct a movement that has challenged them for an extended period of time. I understand their excitement and sense of accomplishment because I have those moments as well, even after 5 years. 

Everyday that I walk into the gym my goal is to have an impact on as many athletes as I can. No matter how small that impact is. 

To end this bio off with a bang.... I went the entire 3rd grade without misspelling a single word on my spelling tests.