I was born in Southern CA, but lived most of my childhood through college in Southwest Missouri. I played collegiate soccer for two years at Missouri Valley College before transferring to Missouri State University. I graduated with a Biology and Chemistry degree before moving south to Tampa. I am now a firefighter/emt with the City of St. Petersburg. I have a beautiful wife, Molly, and 2 amazing and ornery daughters, Addison and Evelynn. I spend most of my time with my family being active at CrossFit, the pool, and occasionally get to sneak away to do some inshore fishing.

I have been doing CrossFit consistently for 4 years and started right here at CrossFIT AERO.

My favorite thing about coaching in general, but specifically in coaching CrossFit, is watching people learn, change and then grow habits that positively influence all aspects of their lives. The community is the best part of our gym and I love coming in everyday to see what we can accomplish next.

Some goals I have as a coach:

  • I want to be able to provide insight or advice about exercise to new members and veterans alike.
  • I want to be the reason at least one person pushes harder than they thought they could each day.
  • I want to help change someone's life in a positive way and give them the tools to go forward, change someone else's life and create a chain effect for future generations of healthy active individuals.

INTERESTING FACT: I am an avid fly fisherman and tie some of my own flies to use.