I was born and raised in Florida, where I learned to play baseball as a kid. I played High School baseball at Gaither High School in Tampa and accepted a scholarship to play College baseball at Saint Leo University. I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice in 2011, and found CrossFit shortly after graduating from College. My hobbies now include boating and fishing.

I have been doing Crossfit since 2011, and earned my Level 1 Certification in 2012.

I feel like we have each been gifted with different strengths and abilities, in life and in CrossFit. The approach to any workout or difficult movement will be different from person to person, and I love helping people on their journey to find their own way to success. It's very rewarding for me to see the progression of an athlete as they start to realize their true athletic potential.

My goal is to motivate each athlete to give 100% during the class (whatever 100% looks like for them), to have a great time and to keep everyone safe.

FUN FACT: My wife's name is Virginia Hamm. No, really.