I coach Mondays at 900a and 1000a. I played every sport you can name but weightlifting is my passion! I started lifting at age 14 for my local high school team and by my senior year I was lifting for Team Florida. I competed all over the state and at the National level. The American Open was my first national meet, which I qualified for in just a few months into my weightlifting career. When I moved to Tampa I shifted my focus and was accepted into USF’s Exercise Science program. After graduation, I was a Sports Performance coach for Velocity Sports Performance in Lakeland, where I led up their youth programs and recovery programs for Combine training. I also personal trained at LA fitness and ran my own bootcamp business. I found AERO a few years later and have been in love ever since! I am married and we have the most sassiest 2 year old AERO has seen. I love to shop, eat yummy food and hang with the family on the water! 

I have been training CrossFit for 4 years almost 5! But Olympic style weightlifting for 18 years.. yikes!! Coach Monday’s 9am and 10am.

My favorite thing about coaching is motivating someone to their max potential and the celebration afterwards! But also reminding someone why they are on this journey! Sometimes it’s a mental game or you just need someone to see your potential and remind you why you’re here. I love doing that! 

Some of my goals"

  • To teach someone something new every single time!
  • To give my class my all and provide a safe environment to do so.
  • And let’s be honest, keeping Liv in that stroller and occupied will always be a goal! 

Not sure this is a fun fact but definitely something you can make fun of me for! I am terrible with any sport that involves a ball, I even played basketball and collegiate volleyball (my poor teammates!)